Raising awareness

Easy-to-understand AI developments via awareness raising, interactive exhibits and education programs.

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Developing the economy

Integrating AI into business and government processes by building marketplaces and profiting from EU-wide cooperations.

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Implementing the AI strategy

Policy consultation and facititating decision-making with AI strategy, impact assessments and project team work.


By completing the AI Challenge, up to
1 million Hungarians should learn about the basics of Artificial Intelligence and some 100 000 should earn an AI course certificate by the end of 2021.


The Hungarian Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coalition was founded upon the initiative of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology under the Digital Success Program as an expert and consultation forum of the local AI ecosystem.

Our platform connects stakeholders in business, research, academia and government in the field of artificial intelligence to prepare the Hungarian economy and society for the AI revolution.

The AI Coalition released an Action Plan in October 2019, and then in 2020 it drew up Hungary's AI Strategy for the Hungarian Government.

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  2020.10.13 13:55


A másik jövő. Mi lesz az új normális. Az eseményen előadást tart Dr. Gál András Levente a Digitális Jólét Program szakmai vezetője.

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Bejárta a magyar médiát az MI Stratégia híre

Jakab Roland elnök úr számos vezető médium mellett az M1 Ma reggel c. műsorában taglalta a cselekvési terv fontosságát.

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Hungary's Growth Curve Thru' 2030 to be Defined by AI Strategy

Hungary's leading English language paper, the Budapest Business Journal deals with the potential impact of the newly revealed AI Strategy in a detailed coverage.

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