Definition, use-cases, everyday use. Start exploring what AI is all about and what it can mean to you!

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Find the introductory course closest to your heart, and lay the groundwork for your future and your everyday lives!


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Are you into an AI-related profession? You want to use AI in your work? Go the distance!

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1 000 000

We would like the message to reach up to one million people: Artificial Intelligence is not the terminator. If you understand that AI is a new tool that you need to learn how to use, that offers tons of opportunities and must be used for the benefit of society, it can open up whole new perspectives for all of us.

100 000

We would like 100,000 people in Hungary to pride themselves on being clear about the basics of Artificial Intelligence thanks to a successfully completed basic course. Clear basic knowledge opens the path to new carreers, new ideas, new application fields. There's a fierce urgency in the AI arena for a vast number of like-minded people.

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