Tackle the AI Challenge head on!

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The AI Challenge is our challenge

Our purpose with the AI Challenge is to get at least of 1% of society, that is 100,000 Hungarian citizens to learn the basics about Artificial Intelligence by completing an online course, whereas 1 million of them should be introduced to the technology via exhibits, events, brochures, contests and this website.

Dig deeper, complete the AI Challenge!

Dig deeper, complete the AI Challenge!

  • interactive contents
  • everyday and business use cases
  • learning path-based concept
  • doable in 2-3 hours

Learn more about technology from our ambassadors!

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Gara Tícia, International Chess Master: “In my own career, I see how the development of IT is changing everyday life for the better. I believe it is important to make the latest technological advances as widely known as possible to the domestic society. I want to help dispel irrational fears about artificial intelligence and show how it can help in everyday life. ”

György Lévay, research manager: “Algorithms learn from what we do with them, and if we want them to continue being useful tools for the public in the future, we need to get their development and teaching on the right track now. To do this, it is important to know how they learn and make decisions. I want everyone to see that these don’t work magically, but in a way that is understandable and accessible to anyone.”

About the Course

The course was drawn up by professionals of ELTE University. The currently available basic level course will be followed by specialized ones that will provide knowledge of a wider scope. Sign up for our notifications to be kept in the loop! Stay tuned for the English version and follow @Mesterséges Intelligencia Koalíció (AI Coalition) on Social Media!


At the end of January, we launched a competition called "AI Challenge Derby", which aims to get the highest possible percentage of MIK members to complete the MI Challenge within their own staff.



Definition, use-cases, everyday use. Start exploring what AI is all about and what it can mean to you!

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Are you into an AI-related profession? You want to use AI in your work? Go the distance!

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