The AI Challenge is our challenge

Our purpose with the AI Challenge is to get at least of 1% of society, that is 100,000 Hungarian citizens to learn the basics about Artificial Intelligence by completing an online course, whereas 1 million of them should be introduced to the technology via exhibits, events, brochures, contests and this website.

Nyerj PS5-öt vagy RTX3060 videókártyát!

Nyerj PS5-öt vagy RTX3060 videókártyát!

  1. Görgess lefelé a „Vesd bele magad” részig, klikk a Tovább gombra!
  2. Regisztrálj az e-learning rendszerben, majd jelentkezz be!
  3. Ismerd meg és fogadd el a nyereményjáték-szabályzatot!
  4. Végezd el az online kurzust!
  5. Nyerd meg valamelyik szuper nyereményt!:)
Dig deeper, complete the AI Challenge!

Dig deeper, complete the AI Challenge!

  • interactive contents
  • everyday and business use cases
  • learning path-based concept
  • doable in 2-3 hours

Tudj meg többet nagyköveteinktől a technológiáról!

About the Course

The course was drawn up by professionals of ELTE University. The currently available basic level course will be followed by specialized ones that will provide knowledge of a wider scope. Sign up for our notifications to be kept in the loop! Stay tuned for the English version and follow @Mesterséges Intelligencia Koalíció (AI Coalition) on Social Media!

Tackle the AI Challenge head on!

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Definition, use-cases, everyday use. Start exploring what AI is all about and what it can mean to you!

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Are you into an AI-related profession? You want to use AI in your work? Go the distance!

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