The goal of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition (AI Coalition), initiated by Dr. László Palkovics, Minister of Technology and Industry, is for Hungary to be at the forefront of artificial intelligence developments and applications in Europe and to become an important member of the international AI community.

The intention of the founders of the AI ​​Coalition was to establish a permanent professional and cooperation forum for AI developers, market and government actors representing the user side of AI, the academic sphere, professional organizations, in order to jointly define the directions and frameworks for the domestic development of artificial intelligence.

The AI Coalition together with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (its successor: the Ministry of Technology and Industry) created Hungary's Artificial Intelligence Strategy for the period 2020-2030, which was adopted by Government Resolution 1573/2020 (IX.9). The Coalition has started reviewing the Strategy in accordance with its milestones.

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Minister for Innovation and Technology


The mission of the AI Coalition is to

propel Hungary to the European forefront in the area of AI developments;

strengthen the competitiveness of domestic enterprises through extensive dissemination and utilization AI-based use-cases;

facilitate the participation of Hungarian start-ups and SMEs in AI development activities in partnerships with large enterprises, universities or international partners;

make sure that the government, as a user of AI-powered solutions, should be actively engaged in developing the local AI ecosystem by systematically utilizing the national data asset pool.


Our organization is continuously expanding. Among our members are the cream of the crop of the local business and research community as well as academia and government.


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working groups

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The AI Coalition's Board assesses the results of the given previous period before the representatives of the member organizations every half a year, and it also lays down the mid-term tasks ahead.


Roland Jakab

AI Coalition President

Dr. Charaf Hassan

Board Member

Science community

Dr. Károly Balázs Solymár

Board Member

Public administration

László Kishonti

Board Member

Hungarian SMEs

Márk Hetényi

Board Member

Mid-sized enterprises

Dr. László Parragh

Board Member


Vinnai Balázs

Board Member

Professional organisations

Skultéty Tamás

Board Member


Szakmai vezetés

Tóth Miklós

Professional leader of the AI Coalition

Professional leadership

Zsolt Marosvári

Working Group Co-leader

Technology and security

Tamás Kocsis

Working Group Co-leader

Use-cases and market development

Gábor Érdi-Krausz

Working Group Leader

Technology and security

Farkas Lóránt

Munkacsoport társvezető

Technológiai és biztonság

Dr. András Benczúr

Working Group Leader

Data industry and data asset pool

Zoltán Hans

Working Group Co-leader

Data industry and data asset pool

Dr. Géza Németh

Working Group Leader

International relations

Edina Németh

Working Group Co-leader

International relations

Dr. Ferenc Dietz

Working Group Leader

Education and awareness raising

Dr. Lénárd Darázs

Working Group Leader

Regulation and ethical framework

Dr. Dóra Petrányi

Working Group Co-leader

Regulation and ethical framework

Coalition membership is only available for companies/organizations with a registered seat/branch in Hungary.