Cookie Policy

Our web page applies so-called tracking technologies, aka ’cookies’ to track how users use the web site. These technologies help improve the usability and operability of the web page.

Cookies are data files in text format that are stored on your hard drive through your browser. They cover web pages and ads viewed by you. However, cookies don’t contain records of personal nature such as name, address, e-mail account etc. The cookie is used by the visitor of the page, for instance, to gain a right to access certain information of a page.
There is no need to apply special settings in your browser to download cookies on your computer. By default setting your browser can receive cookies and it stores them in a list (e.g. ’Temporarily downloaded internet files’) since it poses no risk whatsoever. Should you not like to receive certain types of cookies, change your browser settings to block placing individual identification marks, or set your browser to warn you if the web page would want to send cookies. If you want to find out more about these functions and further specify your cookie settings, please view the instructions of your internet browser or its support screen.
In case you receive cookies, they will be stored in your computer for 30 days unless you delete them earlier.

Please be warned, though, that avoiding use of cookies may cause to limit or critically affect the operational functions of our web page.

List of Cookies issued by our page:

• Google Analytics

Please be informed that third party cookies may also end up on your device when using this web page which facilitate content sharing on social media platforms, preparation of visitor statistics and support our marketing activity.

What functions do our cookies have?

• Google Analytics: independent measuring and auditing of the visitor statistics and any other web analytics are helped by external servers (

On this web page you can find links and icons of other web pages as well – such as Facebook Like button, YouTube video links – which direct you to the given page. These web pages also use cookies for which the relevant information can be found on the relevant pages.

DJN Kft. does not check web pages of third parties and it cannot be held liable for the contents of external web pages.