1. How long does it take to complete the MI Challenge?
    • The Introduction to the World of Artificial Intelligence course can be completed in about three hours, but can be interrupted at any time. In case of re-login, you can continue where the filling has stopped. The course is available for 2 weeks from enrollment. You can actively spend up to 10 hours with it, after that the system will exit you.

  2. How much does it cost?
    • Participation in the training is free. Its aim is to provide an overview of the most important features of artificial intelligence and to present its applications.

  3. Can the course became accredited?
    • The Introduction to the World of Artificial Intelligence course is a foundation course on which others will build in the future. It is not currently accredited, but our goal is to have it in the future.

  4. How do I access Nexius Learning?
    • You need to register separately on Nexius Learning, which you can do by clicking the Register button on the left next to the login. (The diploma will be issued to the name provided at registration.)

  5. Where is the course?
    • The Introduction to the World of Artificial Intelligence course will appear for the first time under “My Recommended Courses” shortly after you sign up. Once you sign up for it, it will be transferred to “My Courses”.

  6. Is it also available from mobile?
    • Yes, but it is much more enjoyable from a computer or laptop.

  7. The program does not allow me to proceed, what could be the reason?
    • The "Next" button only becomes active if you have clicked on each information window. There may still be some useful information behind an image.

  8. Clicking on the link in the curriculum will exit from the system.
    • You can try to move forward in the curriculum as follows: since the curriculum has opened in a separate window, it may have been closed by clicking on the link. In this case, go back to the given page of the curriculum and click on the link / button again. Hopefully the curriculum window will not close again and the Next button will become active.
    • You may not even exited from the system, but just jump to another window. In the taskbar, check how many browser windows are open and go back if you find the tutorial.

  9. Will there be a sequel?
    • The foundation level will be followed in the near future by additional specific steps that will provide a broader range of knowledge tailored to individual interests.

  10. Didn't find the answer for your question?
    • Contact us and we will help. You can send your comments to this e-mail address: [email protected].