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This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as: the „Policy”) contains information on handling personal records that are given during registration necessary to use services available on web page (hereinafter referred to as: „Web Page”) and that are handled and stored by data handler, as well as information on handling and storing personal records necessary to use services subject to registration, information concerning on handling personal records that serve maintaining general contact and information on statistical processing. The scope of this Privacy Policy also covers ads and the use of all related available services, data handling related to signing up for web page-bound electronic direct communication (newsletters) and handling personal records arising out of participation in events or market researches by the Company or concerning the Services.

By registering or uploading material on the web page, User represents that they have become familiar with this Privacy Policy, and they accepted, and consented to, the handling of their personal records.

Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: Digitális Jólét NKft.) respects the integrity of personal records and, while handling them, it fully abides to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and Act 2011 of CXII on information self-determination and information freedom (Info Act).

Digitális Jólét NKft. – as owner, maintaining entity and operator of the Web Page as well as establisher of the service – informs Users under what conditions it handles the personal records of users related to the abovementioned web page and the services available there. As a part of this, this Privacy Policy provides information about the following aspects of data handling:

I. purpose,
II. legal base,
III. scope of records handled,
IV. term,
V. rights and legal remedy options related to data handling

Should you have any further questions concerning data handling on the Web Page beyond this Privacy Policy, or if you have any remarks or problems to share, please get in touch by writing to [email protected].

Please note that providing data takes place on a voluntary basis, handling personal records is subject to your consent; however, please be advised that in certain cases (such as use of marketplaces) you will not be able to use our Service related to providing personal records or use all functions of the Web Page (e.g. introduction of organizations, technology display, references, case studies, job advertisements, courses, display on Wall of Pride). If you don’t agree with any of the data handling procedures as set out in this Policy, please refrain from using the Web Page or the Service you have a problem with.

This Policy may be modified and/or withdrawn unilaterally by data handler at any time while simultaneously informing the parties concerned. The information is provided by posting on the web page or, depending on the nature of change, by directly notifying the parties concerned.

The purpose of data handling:

The purpose of the website is to display local and international news concerning artificial intelligence and the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Coalition, and to serve as a platform to collect the overall achievements in the realm of AI. Organizations can introduce themselves by filling out a form, and they also can send in technical presentations and case studies. It is up to the joint decision of the operator and the partner in question whether the information sent would be displayed on the web.

General legal base of data handling:

Consent of the party concerned based on prior, voluntary, and adequate information gained, and fulfilling legal obligations or enforcing validated interest.

Definitions for the purposes of interpretation of the Policy

Personal record: any record or information on the basis of which the natural/legal person in question can be identified in a direct or indirect manner. Apart from natural personal identification records, photos, phone numbers and e-mail accounts are deemed particularly as such during the use of the Web Page.

User: every natural person or organization that uses the Contact menu of the web site or registers for using the services.

Party Concerned: any natural person identifiable on the basis of any specific personal record, or in any other way (in a direct or indirect manner). The person is deemed as identifiable in particular if they can be identified – directly or indirectly – on the basis of name, ID mark, or one or more physical, physiologic, mental, economic, cultural or social feature.

Data Handler: the person that determines the purposes and the means of personal data handling. While handling personal data handling, which takes place whilst rendering Services available on the Web Page, the Company acts as the data handler, but in certain processes further data handlers apart from the Company also pursue data handling activities. The Company is deemed as data handler with respect to all the information that the Users hand over to the Company and upload on the Web Page for the purposes of visiting and using the Web Page as well as using the Services available on the Web Page; the Company also handles all those records concerned.

Data Processor: the natural or legal person, or any other authority, that handles personal records on behalf of the data handler, or carries out data handling actions with regard to personal records.

Data handling: any action, or set of actions, performed in an automated or non-automated fashion with regard to personal records, such as collection, storage, recording, communicating, forwarding and using of personal records. Any procedure on the Web Page during which personal records are made available for the Company is deemed as data handling.

Legal base of data handling: the Company handles personal records subject to user consent. The Company provides data handling information regarding the legal base of data handling.

Consent: user permission for the data handler concerning the handling of personal records for a specific purpose.

Scope of data handled: personal records handled are provided by the Company at individual data handling instances.

Term of data handling: the term during which the Company is entitled to handle those personal records that are provided by the Company at individual data handling instances.

Records not suitable for personal identification: data recorded by the Company of the Users of the Web Page, but is not suitable to identify any natural person directly or indirectly.

Services: any services that are available for Users subject to registration on the Web Page (e.g. Marketplace).

Marketplace: AI business players and AI aficionados are connected on marketplaces for the purpose of setting the data economy in motion and the widespread dissemination of AI solutions. Submitting ads is available for users subject to registration.

III. Scope of data handled:

User registration

Contents and services available on the web page can be accessed only by registered users with a User Profile (hereinafter referred to as: “Registered User”). Visitors with no User account can access and use contents and services of the web page only to a limited extent. Certain contents and services of the web page cannot be accessed without registration.

Registered Users are either private individuals or legal entities

Private individuals are obliged to provide the following details upon registration:

1. E-mail account,
2. Freely chosen password,
3. Name,
4. Profile picture/photo,
5. Phone number (to provide optionally),
6. To be displayed on Wall of Pride (optional)

The public profile displays user name and profile photo of choice

Wall of Pride:

Instruments uploaded on the Wall of Pride and personal records contained therein are handled by Data Handler subject to the prior consent of Users, and as a result those instruments and the personal records contained therein are published on the Wall of Pride of the Web Page, and may use the contents thereof and their authenticity may be used for controlling purposes. Users simultaneously acknowledge that Data Handler may share the instruments and the contents thereof with third parties for the purposes of checking their authenticity. Users may withdraw their consent concerning data handling in form of an electronic mail ([email protected]) addressed tot he Data Handler at any time.

Legal entities are obliged to provide the following details to register their profile:

1. Company name (also serving as user name, to be shown in the profile)
2. Seat
3. Company registration number (no special requirement, Hungarian, EU or third country numbers are all acceptable)
4. Senior executive or Authorized representative
5. E-mail account of Senior executive or Authorized representative
6. Contact person’s name (to be displayed also in profile; on for now head of department’s name)
7. Contact person’s e-mail (to be displayed also in profile; on for now head of department’s e-mail account)
8. Phone number of authorized contact person
9. Logo

Further information displayed in the profile of legal entities:

1. Web page of organization
2. Services
3. Main competences in terms of AI
4. Introduction of organization

Private individuals and legal entities must accept the privacy policy on the use of web page AI Hungary and its contents. Information provided for registration purposes will not be shared publicly.

Name and contact details of Data Handler:
Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társáság
1016 Budapest, Naphegy tér 8.
Tel.: 06 1 499 9776
Email: [email protected]

Name and contact details of data protection officer:
dr. Szakadáti Szabolcs ([email protected])

Data handler, data processor:
The Company forwards the personal records of Users to a previously determined data handler with the simultaneous notification of User thereof in cases and for the purpose laid down in this Privacy Policy in order to provide, use and ensure the provision of the services. The data handler does not hand over the data that came to its knowledge to third parties, with the exception of data handler. The recorded data may come to the knowledge only to employees of data handler and the designated employees of data handler.

Data handler may forward the data to data handler during handling the data. The Company hires a data processor for the purpose of the operation of the web page. Data shared during initiating contact with the Company (registration) is handled by WP Online Magyarország Kft. as data handler. Data shared during services subject to registration are forwarded via the ICT system provided by the Company. Related personal records are not stored, only forwarded by data processor to data handler.

Contact details of data handler:
Name: WP Online Magyarország Kft.
Address: 1094 Budapest, Balázs Béla utca 15-21. D. lház. 2. em. 4.
Web page:
Phone: +36 30 538 5318

Data handler does not divulge personal records.
Data handler does not forward personal records concerned to third countries.
Data storage takes place electronically.

Term of data storage:

Term of data handling for the interval that is absolutely necessary for providing the service subject to registration, or until the withdrawal of User consent. Term of data handling is adjusted to maintaining user account provided that in case User deletes its account registration, the Company deletes data connected with the user account. In the case of registration for the event, data is stored by Data Handler until the 15th business day following the event, and the withdrawal of consent on handling personal records, respectively.

Rights and remedies of Users concerning data handling
User is entitled to the following rights with regard to data handling:

• ask for information regarding handling personal records (GDPR, Article 15)
• ask Digitális Jólét NKft. for information on whether its personal records are being handled
• ask for information which of its personal records are handled or stored by Data Handler
• ask for information on its rights according to which you can request that your personal records are corrected, deleted by Digitális Jólét NKft., or the handling of those records be restricted, or it can request data transfer as well;
• ask the National Authority for Data Protection and Information Freedom for information about the opportunity of submitting a complaint or going to court
• request a copy of its personal records handled by Digitális Jólét NKft.

Your rights above can be practiced in person, or by an application sent to Digitális Jólét NKft. electronically or by post:

Address: Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft. 1016 Budapest, Naphegy tér 8.
E-mail: [email protected]

Legal remedy

The party concerned is entitled to submit a complaint at a supervising authority – in particular in the member state determined by its ordinary place of residence, place of work or the place of the presumed breach – in case according to the judgment of the party concerned handling the relevant personal records breaches the relevant EU regulation on data protection.
Any party concerned is entitled to submit a complaint with the data handler with regard to the data handling, and to file a law suit before the court with jurisdiction at the address of the data handler or the party concerned, which procedure is exempt of dues, and where the court treats the case as priority. The party concerned can also submit a complaint with the National Authority for Data Protection and Information Freedom.

National Authority for Data Protection and Information Freedom
1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.
Telefon: +36 (1) 391-1400
Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410
E-mail: [email protected]
Web page: