Hungary's Growth Curve Thru' 2030 to be Defined by AI Strategy


Hungary's leading English language paper, the Budapest Business Journal deals with the potential impact of the newly revealed AI Strategy in a detailed coverage.

"As AI Coalition President Roland Jakab tells the Budapest Business Journal, not only employees but also employers need to be prepared for the AI transformation, and to embrace new working methods and use-cases.

“Our flagship initiative is the AI Challenge, under which we aim at making up to one million Hungarians familiar with AI and getting at least one 100,000 people to complete a basic course on the topic. Apart from that, we will launch a number of courses at the secondary and higher education level. Offering relevant adult training programs that are meant to help reskill the workforce is also on the agenda,” highlights Jakab.

An official Hungarian AI syllabus should be available by the end of this year, whilst select foreign courses are recommended on the AI Hungary website. This way individuals and corporates alike can have a single source of information about reskilling, and companies can also learn first-hand about the latest solutions to optimize their working processes."

Further details available in the print issue of the BBJ of 9/18.


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