The AI Challenge launches in December


One hundred thousand citizens to gain general understanding of Artificial Intelligence thanks to locally developed basic online course

Budapest, November 26, 2020 – The AI Challenge is set to launch as of December 1 with the aim to raise awareness about Artificial Intelligence (AI) nationwide, announced Károly Balázs Solymár, Deputy State Secretary for Digitalization of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) on the virtual Plenary Session of the AI Coalition on Thursday. As part of the joint initiative of ITM and AI Coalition, which operates under the Digital Success Program, a locally developed online course is now available that should get one hundred thousand people to gain general knowledge of the technology.

The purpose of the government is to bring Artificial Intelligence closer to society as laid down in Hungary’s AI Strategy and to prepare it for its adoption. A core element of the effort is the AI Challenge.

As the result of the awareness campaign to be launched in December, one million citizens should get a general overview of the opportunities inherent in the technology, whereas one hundred thousand of them should become familiar with the basics of AI. The free online course entitled “Introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence” was put together by professionals of ELTE University, and it serves as a great starting point for both interested laymen and the business community to pick up some general information about the technology.

Károly Balázs Solymár emphasized that the widespread adoption of AI-driven use cases promises huge economic gains since it enhances productivity, and it creates a lot of higher value-added jobs. Simultaneously, the need for skilled workers emerges that are trained to carry out new types of tasks. The course to be launched is the first step to gear up for change.

The course can be completed by anyone, and it is available for the public on a permanent basis. Contents will be adjusted by the developers to the evolving technology from time to time, thus ensuring that the knowledge contained therein is always kept up-to-date. Upon completion, participants will be offered additional specialized modules from the first half of 2021 on; therefore, the program provides a full learning path and offers the opportunity for further improvement.

AI Coalition President Roland Jakab said that it is a classic beginner course that, apart from highlighting basic definitions and ethics-related issues, introduces numerous use cases to reflect on the practical advantages of the technology. According to the president, this newly gained knowledge is bound to build a new mindset which can materialize in a real competitive edge for businesses.

Please consult AI Hungary, the webpage of the local AI ecosystem for more information on the AI Challenge.


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